April 14


Press release marketing for 2022

When it comes to generating leads and building trust with your clients, law firms can struggle. Many lawyers — and their firms — rely on personal contacts to build their practices and secure new business. Others can leverage their personal profiles to establish trust with potential clients. 

A good press release, however, can help law firms leverage all the advantages of their professional names and personal profiles.   Today’s interconnected world enables information to spread quickly. From the moment you launch your law firm, you have a story to tell. That story is your brand and how you want to be perceived. To successfully establish your brand, you need to strategically incorporate the right messaging and language within your content.  When crafting your press release, think about the reason(s) your firm decided to launch a new service. 

In addition to distributing your press release through online channels, it’s also worth printing and handing out copies to clients, referrals, and other key stakeholders. This lets people start to hear about your firm through word of mouth.  

Marketing with a press release is a low-cost, low-risk way for law firms to engage with the public. As a profession known for confidentiality, lawyers and law firms can struggle to build trust with potential clients. This is especially true for new firms and solo practitioners, who often don’t have a large mailing list or a direct method of communication. With a press release, you can leverage your brand to quickly establish trust with individuals and businesses.

Press releases are a standard part of many law firm marketing strategies.  These releases can help law firms leverage the advantages of their professional names and personal profiles. In addition, press releases can be used to break news, highlight your work, and grow your law firm’s brand recognition. 

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