April 28


Reasons the Press Release Still Matters

Digital marketing has become the new frontier for law firms. With a vast majority of clients now accessing legal services digitally, it makes sense that law firms are no exception. However, many law firms are still under the impression that their digital marketing efforts are more about tech than marketing.  But the law is a business just like any other and will always remain that way. In order to stay relevant and succeed, law firms need to understand the latest trends and adopt them as much as they can. 

One of the most important reasons why the press release still matters for law firms is because it can help build a reputation. Before you start your digital marketing campaign, you need to have an overarching strategy. One way to do this is by establishing your brand, or what people will associate you with.  To do this, you need to develop a clear message and aim to communicate it through a variety of media, including traditional and digital channels. One of the best ways to do this is by distributing a news release via your law firm’s press room.

Another reason the press release still matters for law firms is that it can prove the value of your service. The most important thing about marketing your law firm is that you need to show the value of your services.  In the age of online services and legal search engines, your clients don’t need to come to you. They can do it themselves. And, given their limited time and resources, they’ll most likely go straight to what they perceive as providing the most value.

Another reason the press release still matters for law firms is that it can show you’re a thought leader. The best way to do this is by publishing relevant news articles and interviews on your law firm’s website. This will help demonstrate your expertise in the industry and your passion for it. It can also help establish your place as a leading thought leader in your field.

Lastly, the press release still matters for law firms because it can establish and develop relationships. This is especially true with social media, where it can help build a community of followers and potential clients. You can also use these tools to build and strengthen your relationships with prospects and clients, which can help strengthen both your business relationships and your personal ones.

 These are only some of the reasons the press release still matters for law firms. It is imperative that digital marketing efforts are based on solid strategy and execution. If you have questions about how your law firm can adapt to the changing digital landscape, contact us.  We can help you understand how the press release still matters for law firms in today’s digital marketing environment.

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